Recording / Mixing

We form your very own unique sound by carefully choosing the right instruments, microphones and acoustic settings. We use time-proved and well-tested recording and technologies which guarantee the most sophisticated results. If our client is interested in alternative and unorthodox recording techniques we are ready to explore them, using our equipment and stylistic knowledge.

We charge 200 rubles per hour. If you will schedule the session in morning time (from 6 till 12) it will cost you 1500 roubles per hour. This fee covers the use of studio space, equipment and instruments and the work of our recording engineer.

Our mixing engineer will discuss with you various methods of getting the most adequate mix. You can chose between personal participation in any stage of the mixing process and distant monitoring. We can mix your material in fully digital environment or on authentically analog base.

The cost of mixing depends on the difficulty of the project and totals up to 15000 rubles per composition. Pay by the hour is also possible in specific cases.